What You Should Know About Blinkist

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Nowadays, there are several books to read. Although that is a good thing, there is a limited time to read all of them. A lot of things are competing for your attention every minute, every hour, and every day. To make it worse, the number of books being published daily keeps on increasing. With millions of fresh titles being released each year, how can you keep up with your ever growing to-read list?

Fortunately, Blinkist is here to help. It offers you an easy-to-digest version of popular reads. You can read a detailed review at Self Development Secrets. Moreover, it can help you to navigate the ever-expanding pool of human wisdom and knowledge. In this way, you can become a better human yourself. In this post, we have to look at Blinkist from different angles.

What is Blinkist?

book reading appThis is a non-fiction book summary service with thousands of book abstracts. In their library, different titles are added daily. Each summary is structured as a self-contained narrative that can be listened to or read in about 15 minutes. Blinks are subdivided into various sections for easy comprehension. They have an introduction that offers you an idea of what the book is about and pieces of actionable advice.

Blinkist Mobile App

The most popular Blinkist interface you will use is its mobile app. This is because it covers the use of Blinkist. For instance, you can read or listen to book summaries while on the go – while walking, commuting, or just waiting for your friend to show up in a restaurant. This app is available on both iOS and Android versions.

The user interface is subdivided into four major areas that can be accessed from the bottom: Library, Discover, Profile, and Activity. The most important section is the library that lists all the book summaries you have saved into the personal collection. In addition, there are different filters that help you hide blinks according to your use.

You will find that the reading interface is distraction-free and minimalist. In fact, the buttons available are text size, and audio only. Swiping left or right the page, you can see the progress you have made. It will also indicate the current reading position in the book summary.

The audio version is probably the most important feature of Blinkist. It allows you to ingest knowledge while keeping your hands and eyes free for other activities like walking, jogging, hiking, commuting, and more.